Presence: A Prayerful Path to the Manger


We are so excited that the advent season is just around the corner! But you may be asking yourself, what is advent? Or what makes it so special? At its core, advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

This year we are going to be preparing and celebrating as a community by journeying through Presence: a Prayerful Path to the Manger. Beginning December 3, we will be purposefully seeking the presence of God every day leading to Christmas morning.

But let’s be authentic for a moment. If you are like me, I often overcomplicate how I need to enter into God’s presence with layers of activities or requirements of things God has not called me to. Or perhaps you have your own things that distract you for connecting with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Either way this advent season, let’s sit in the freedom that Jesus has covered us in.

Entering God’s presence is simple and prayer is such a powerful path there! Seeking God’s presence through prayer as we walk toward celebrating the birth of Christ is beautiful! Christmas is the time that God’s presence was made flesh and came to earth.

Presence Prayer Boxes

Toward the end of November Real Church will be giving out Presence Prayer Boxes. Within the box you will find three key things to help guide your prayerful path to the manger: wooden manger ornament, prayer calendar, and rocks.

First is a wooden manger ornament. This is meant to be placed somewhere central in your home. If you have young children, we would encourage you to allow them decorate the ornament or add special details to personalize it to your family.

Second, you will find a prayer calendar containing a devotional prayer for each day of advent. This is designed to be a guide and we encourage you to dive deeper to further press into God’s presence. Some may want to journal or study scripture, while others may sing or dance. The responses and ways to worship the King of Kings while in His presence is vast!

Lastly, you will find a gathering of rocks. These will allow you to build a physical pathway to the manger. Each day of advent, once you have prayed and spent time connected with God, place a rock leading to the manger. As we get closer to Christmas, your path of rocks will continue to grow.

Church, our pathways are all going to look unique but our hearts and actions will be pointing toward expectantly awaiting Jesus.

My prayer for each of you this advent season is that you pause in all the chaos, which is too often found around the holidays, and be available for what God has prepared for you in His presence. It is my honor to remind you that there is nothing like God’s presence and as His children, it is when we are there that we come alive!

I hope that you will join us as we begin Presence: A Prayerful Path to the Manger. If you are interested in receiving a Presence Prayer Box please request one by completing the following form:



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