An Introduction to Romans

As a church we are studying Romans, and since it is the longest letter written by Paul, there’s lots to discuss that we won’t be able to cover on Sunday. So, we will be using this blog and other types of media to supplement our learning. So, let’s  begin with the purpose

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The Freedom to be Messy

I live with a toddler roommate who has recently been yelling “Freedom” throughout the house. It’s incredibly encouraging as (1) he is memorizing Scripture and (2) he is reminding me of a very important truth for all followers of Christ: we have freedom. Throughout the New Testament, the apostles tell

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Real Marriage: Rocky and Nicole

Let’s be real, you’re probably confused as to why you’re seeing a marriage-related blog post in April. It’s not February. Marriage Conference is over, right? Love only exists in February, right? Nope! Wrong! I failed my own expectations (I wanted to post only these marriage-related blogs in February, but obviously

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