God Taught Me Two Things in Cambodia


Submitted by Sophia Ou

The most amazing part about having an omniscient God is seeing how he moves and uses us. He heals parts of our lives that we didn’t even know needed healing!

I recently returned from a three-week long trip to Cambodia. I had no idea what to expect traveling to the other side of the world. The only thing I knew was that God had a word for me.

He taught me two things:

  • How to love His people more like He does
  • What it means to be a survivor of the Khmer Rouge

Prior to coming to Cambodia, I only knew of the stories my parents would share when they escaped during the Khmer Rouge. I learned about the loss, trauma, and horrific things done during Pol Pot’s regime to overthrow the Cambodian government. I was a child of refugee parents whose worldview was only to survive. I didn’t understand why the world was so scary to them. I often resented my parents because they always minimized my own issues. Little did I realize I lacked the understanding of my family’s history and what it meant for the generations to come.

God allowed me to understand my family’s culture and history on a deeper level. He has shown me how grace softens the edges of past pains and highlights the eternal so we can experience joy and peace.

You can read more about how God is moving on Sophia’s blog.

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