Open 24 Hours: New Sermon Series at Real Church


We just finished a 7-month long sermon series on the Gospel of Matthew and we were commanded by Jesus to teach and tell people the Good News. But who do we go to tell? Where do we go? How do we do it?

The next sermon series will answer these questions and more.

Open 24 Hours will explore how we are called to be ambassadors of God in every area of our life. It’s going to teach us as Christians that we’re ambassadors 24 hours, 7 days a week — not just on Sunday.

We will examine different areas of culture and how God specifically placed us in that area to spread the Gospel.

And we will learn how to impact culture and not let it impact us. As Pastor Nathan explained we will learn to “be a follower of Christ that takes the Gospel out into the world.”

So join us this Sunday for the new sermon series where we will explore what it  is to be ambassadors for Christ in our culture. If you cannot make it in person, you can also listen to the series on our podcast.

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