The mission of Real University (Real U) is to train disciples to fulfill their spiritual calling in each step of their journey through education, training, and practical experience.

Courses are offered throughout the year.  Courses may range from three-to-eight weeks sessions, or in the case of a minister or pastoral training, a year to completion.

If you are interested in taking any of these courses look for the announcement when signups are offered at Sunday Services or email and she will put you on the waiting list.

Courses Offered:

In this four-week class you will learn what it means to be a part of Real Church and how we as as a church will support and train you as you fulfill your personal and corporate spiritual calling.

Week 1: Why Real? – Vision and Mission of Real Church

Week 2:  Real with God – The Gospel

Week 3: Real with Self – Dependence on God

Week 4:  Real with Others – Share God’s Message

In this three-week course we are going to dispel the rumor that evangelism is only for those who are super spiritual. In fact, you are going to learn that anyone can do it. After this three-week course, you will be empowered, equipped, and (hopefully) excited to share the Gospel.

Week 1 – The Way

Week 2 – The Truth

Week 3 – The Life

In this eight-week class you will learn the basic foundations (doctrine) of the church.  A textbook is required and weekly readings are assigned.  Each week the class meets to hear a lecture and participate in discussions relating to the content.

Week 1: The Bible

Week 2:  God

Week 3: Jesus Christ

Week 4:  Holy Spirit

Week 5: Sin/Atonement

Week 6: The Church

Week 7: Death, Resurrection, Heaven and Hell

Week 8: Intro to Hermeneutics

This introductory class spans eight weeks. It’s open to new believers, long-time believers, and everyone inbetween. A textbook is required and weekly readings are assigned. Every other week the class will meet to hear a lecture and participate in discussions relating to the content. The weeks we do not meet, students meet with a partner to discuss the readings and practice what they have learned.

Week 1: Reviewing the Gospel

Week 2: The Whole Bible Narrative & The Journey Ahead

Week 3: Bible Devotional Patterns: F.I.R.S.T.

Week 4: Prayer and Abiding in Christ

Week 5: Church Connection & Service

Week 6: Showing the Love of Christ & Sharing the Message of Christ

Week 7: Developing Faith Sharing Skills

Week 8: Celebrations

This introductory course to co-dependency. We will look into what co-dependency and addiction are and how and why they work together.