Romans 11: God’s Plan of Salvation

Last week I left you in suspense (see Romans 10)  on the question of whether or not God gave up on Israel. Well, we learn in Romans 11 that He does not. In fact, there is a “remnant, chosen by grace” that will receive their inheritance. This chosen elect will receive the Kingdom of God!

What is God’s purpose with Israel and the Gentiles?

Paul rightly explains this purpose as a mystery of God. And this is where faith comes in. This is where we, Followers of Christ, accept who God is and confess that we are not God. We are not all knowing or all powerful. He has a plan for salvation that He set from the beginning and is working it out.

What’s the plan?

Well, the Gentile’s faith makes Israel jealous which then will lead them to salvation. Wait, what? I know! Mystery.

Paul uses an analogy of an olive tree to help explain this mystery as best as he can (Romans 11:17-24).

As Christians, should we boast?

No! We were once disobedient and God’s grace brought us into the family of God. It’s not anything that we did – it’s all the work of God.

Do we lose faith for our Jewish friends?

No! God is still saving people. We don’t know who the remnant is, so the Gospel mission is still a-go.

So what does this all mean?

God’s plan of salvation is still going. Israel was not an accident.  The church wasn’t a change of plans. Israel and the church are all part of God’s plan of salvation.

We’re all in this olive tree together and let’s praise God that we are, shall we?

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