Romans 16: What’s Your Legacy?


Romans is all about the Gospel and it ends with the Gospel lived out. The Gospel is not meant to be learned, kept in a book, and stifled. It’s alive, just like our God. We see in the end of this letter from Paul that he writing out the names of other co-laborers in Christ. Their legacies written before us; their hard work and dedication written down to inspire, encourage, and educate us.

These are not just names, but real people who served alongside the Apostle Paul. Prisca and Aquilla risked their lives for Paul, Junia was imprisoned for the sake of the Gospel, and Epaenetus was the first convert in Asia. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They are just like you and me. Yet you may think to yourself, well, I could never do that. How do you think they were able to do these things in the first place? They put their faith in Christ.

The question we have to ask is what will our legacy be? If someone wrote a letter about Real Church, what would be next to your name? Write it down. Write down what you want your legacy to be and then go live it. God has given you a mission; He has given us the resources; and He will continue to give us the faith we need to proclaim His Name throughout the World.

So Church, what’s your legacy?

We hope that you have enjoyed this series on Romans. Please feel free to go back and read through them again. It has been my pleasure to go deeper, ask questions, and encourage us as a church through the week. If you have enjoyed it and/or learned something, please leave a comment or email

Also, please join us this Sunday as we worship and reflect what God has taught us in the Letter to the Romans.

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