10207_507763362620015_290222433_n 528487_10200986226877446_148400935_nThank you for checking out Real Church Chicago!

We desire to be a church that functions with authenticity.  The Church has been attacked by our culture as calling those who attend as hypocrites and liars.  Unfortunately, we are guilty as charged. It used to be that Christ followers were called Christians, and that identity meant that we lived a life devoted and dedicated to Christ’s teachings and our lives matched that calling. Our vision is “to be real with ourselves, others and God.”  Our name is intended to keep us focused on who we are and what we are trying to be.  It challenges us.  It says we are a church that strives to be real, authentic, true to Christ’s calling.

At Real Church we are willing to admit we fall short.  We want to be real.  We are attempting to live a life that honors and glorifies God.  We desire to be real with ourselves about our emotional, relational and spiritual shortcomings.  We desire to create a space and a church where perfection and faking are not attempted, but where real life can be shared honestly and openly as we transform through the active work of Christ. We desire to be real with God and confess our mistakes and disobedience.  This confession does not give us permission to continue without aligning to God’s teachings, rather it invites us to receive His grace and inspires us toward growth.


If you are tired of religious games, if you no longer want to fake your way through life, if you are willing to admit you do not know all the answers and that your life is not perfect, we would love to do life with you.


Pastor Nathan Brown

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